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Alevtyna Makovska

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Founded in 2014, the Civil and Political School (CAPS) was created with the aim of bringing the most successful management practices, reforms, transformations, and upcoming global trends to the professional development of Ukrainian professionals from various fields. The school’s programs are built on the principle “from professionals and for professionals”, and by following this principle helps each student grow. The challenge was to disrupt the current formulaic box-ticking approaches to recruitment and training and implement a more strategic and holistic approach in tune with the real values and needs of the organisation.


The guiding principle of a new strategy became the phrase “Reach More”, which supports the aspirations of students and reaffirms the school’s pre-eminent status. The new positioning is defined by the phrase: “We personally help ensure growth”, which reinforces the school’s commitment to fostering personal and professional development and achievement of its students. The strategy focused on the need to devise a progressive yet reliable design for the brand that would increase recognition, motivation, and trust among students, faculty, and staff.


The new identity reflects the spirit of the brand’s evolution and dynamism, utilizing letter shapes of varying weights to create a dynamic visual that conveys a sense of growth, progress, and movement. The black and white color scheme and minimal typography create a timeless, professional look that is compatible with all branded materials and conveys a modern feel.


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