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Happy Zone is a childcare and early learning center that provides a plethora of rich activities that give children the tools and confidence to explore and learn. Their mission is to create a vibrant space where preschool children can spend their time having fun whilst also developing important skills to give them a leg up in life. The school realizes that having fun is just as important as learning and is conducive when it comes to learning — it is easier to teach a happy kid. The challenge was to refresh their visual identity that reflects the exuberant personality of the brand.


The founder’s idea was to create small worlds where children will be understood and happy. “Let’s raise them happily!” is what became the big idea behind Happy Zone. The brand’s design clearly conveys their team’s desire to make children happy and also the idea of living in a smiling world.

*Let’s grow up happily | *Let’s grow up actively | *Let’s grow up with fun 


Happy Zone’s identity is built around the concept of play, where each graphic element senses and responds to its environment whilst also ensuring it can be used on a wide range of branding applications. The vibrant color palette and diverse patterns gives the brand an energetic and modern feel to reinforce their playful and informal vibe. The typography is smart, friendly, and reflects the brand’s cheerful personality. The font has been rounded to emphasise warmth, kindness, and a contemporary feel that can easily scale up or down without losing legibility.

*Let’s grow up with fun
*Let’s grow up actively
*Let’s grow up tastily
*Let’s grow up fun | *Let’s grow up actively
*Let’s grow up fun | *Let’s grow up actively | *Let’s grow up happily


The new design met the goal of portraying Happy Zone’s bright personality by using design language that is colorful, outgoing, and modern that truly highlights their playful side. The new design is successful in appealing to kids, parents, and educators.

*Let’s grow up fun | *Let’s grow up actively

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