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Alevtyna Makovska

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Iceland TV is a media project that was launched in Ukraine (est. November, 2017). The media company’s ambition was to expand cultural, intellectual, and critical thinking in Ukrainian society and all of their produced content is aimed to meet that goal. The name of the channel was firmly entrenched in the media space in Ukraine and it became necessary to create a visual system that would reflect the ideology of the company. The challenge was creating a brand identity that would unify the diverse range of content and is capable of expressing themselves across different channels and products.


Upon reflection, there were two questions that needed to be answered with the new designs: “What do Ukrainian’s know about Iceland?” and “How do they see Iceland?”. The strategy was to create a unique, clever visual system that truly captured the nature of Iceland.


The key visuals are built around a system of graphic tiles. The design was inspired by the landscape of Iceland and then distilled into an abstract and geometric form. The colors used are condensed into simple shades of grey. The main idea behind the identity was to have maximum flexibility, the design is highly adaptable and can be used to serve near infinite purposes.  By creating such a dynamic and fluid visual language, it can be used in any format, whether it’s in the digital or analog realm.


The new brand identity is successful in showcasing the flexibility and fluidity in the design.  It has been implemented across a wide range of applications — endlessly adapting and evolving, no matter the use. The visual language is fresh, modern, and contemporary and reflects Icelandia’s mission.

Project in collaboration with branding agency madein.black

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