Alevtyna Makovska
Alevtyna Makovska

Piel — Professional Skincare Cosmetics


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Piel Cosmetics is a Ukrainian professional cosmetics manufacturer that assists cosmetologists in overcoming challenges they might face. In the past, the brand focused on substance: authentic formulas and quality ingredients that helped win the clients from larger global players. The new stage is to deliver  a clear statement, not just with the products themselves but with their outward appearance. The goal was to carve a unique and authentic position in the saturated and competitive beauty market.


The brand’s design system solves two tasks: firstly, to help organize a large product catalog, which is necessary to make the cosmetologist’s lives easier, and secondly, to allow Piel to stand out on store shelves in Ukraine and around the world.


The new identity introduces a broad palette of bright colors that refines the brand perception and enhances it for digital contexts and introduces new colors to help differentiate the various product lines. New color codes show freshness, and vitality without appearing cheap. By using a distinctive colored horizontal line on a white background on the entirety of the Piel product line it draws your eyes to the usage and function of each product.


The new visual system established a position that is distinguishable within a saturated market by complementing its brand with a clean and aesthetic personality, and expert voice, clearly conveying the focus on function and utility with a professional look and feel.

Project in collaboration with branding agency madein.black

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