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Alevtyna Makovska

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24print is a printing service that focuses on round-the-clock support and is capable of providing for anyone needing high quality prints, of any complexity, 365 days a year. The company wanted a rebrand as they shifted focus from being a business primarily focused on providing products to a service business model. The main aim of the rebranding was to create an identity that could adapt and evolve alongside their organisation and reflect the full breadth of their service. 


The main aim for the brand was to showcase their main attribute: speed.  When a customer has sent something to 24print, the job is already done. In the modern age of on-demand services, 24print there is still room for specialists that have that something extra, attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to the craft. The new idea was to bring out their expertise and help them stand out from the crowd.


The new logo symbolizes a 24 hour service cycle. In addition to the logo, a series of patterns have been created and can be used as a tileable pattern. The text and graphic elements merge into one structure but at the same time perfectly exist separately from each other. The individual graphic elements can stand on their own and also be used in combination with each other to form various abstract compositions.


The new design language is highly graphical textured, with the ability to scale up or down but always remains striking. The new branding exemplifies the label’s contemporary attitude and helps them stand out from the competitors and position 24print for future growth.


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