Alevtyna Makovska
Alevtyna Makovska

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The Brovdi Foundation was founded to support young artists and to promote the Transcarpathian school of painting. The foundation has significantly expanded and is adding cultural and educational programs to their set of ongoing art activities. The organization is now operating worldwide to further its goal of preserving Transcarpathian art for future generations. The design goal was to give the foundation a modern identity that is simple, confident, and has staying power; a timeless design that will still feel fresh in years to come whilst also paying tribute to the institution.


The new branding is inspired by the strategic need to draw connections throughout the foundation, across time, and across culture — to demonstrate the connection between people and art. The Brovdi Foundation’s motto is “The Art of Uniting Generations”, their mission is to share and preserve the knowledge and history of Transcarpathian art for future generations


The new visual identity is bold, contemporary, and embodies the foundation’s aim to popularize Ukrainian artists, develop art culture, and make the collection of the Transcarpathian school accessible to all. The design language showcases the Brovdi Foundation’s adherence to the  art they promote. The black bar is a major element of the brand’s new identity that can be used as a frame for a variety of content that they wish to display. The openness of the design provides the foundation with the flexibility to incorporate all of their art and artists. The new flexible graphic language was then applied across a wide range of branding applications.


The identity reflects the main goal of the foundation to communicate a distinctive blend of old and new in an inviting and contemporary way, to play off artistic roots and highlights Brovdi foundation as a forward-thinking creative institution. Tasteful and modest, the identity has a strong visual impact by placing the art at the core.


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