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Alevtyna Makovska

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WePlay! is a member of the global esports market, a platform that has combined games, events, training, game information and provides easy access to all of this. These directions appeared in the company gradually. Along with the growth of business, it became necessary to unite the divisions with one idea and value base, systematize directions, revise positioning and define their own distinctive brand voice that would establish consistency, clarity and hierarchy in their communications.


The new big idea for the brand was the exclamation “YES!”, where the “ES” represents “E-Sports”, and from now on, everything the brand does should lead to more people exclaiming “YES!”. The more people that shout “YES!” white either playing or watching games, the stronger the connection is made with the brand. One minor change was made to the brand name by simply adding an exclamation point the name projects energy and positivity.


The main idea for the brand’s logo was to reference the D-pad as seen on console controllers, something that is used to portray the company’s desire to move in multiple directions. Forward, backwards, left, and right: these controls have a long history in gaming and are fundamentally intertwined. The designs feature graphic patterns that harken to the logo and can be used for posters and other promotional materials.


Open and adaptable, the identity establishes a uniform visual language, one that can be modified to represent different sections and sub-brands and expanded as Weplay! grows and cements themselves as one of the leaders in the E-sports space.

Project in collaboration with branding agency madein.black

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